Frequently asked questions

Performing Social Tasks

Take on tasks that fit your schedule and interests. Whether it's completing a survey, or doing some social media work, there's always a way to earn.

1. How much money can I make?

At Yangaplug, you have the freedom to perform as much task as you desire. Many freelancers choose to earn full-time, while others make the most of their free time and earn part-time.

2. How Does It Work?

Yangaplug empowers individuals to maximize their earnings by engaging in straightforward online tasks such as liking, following, commenting on contents across social media platforms. The more you stay active online, the more you can earn.

3. How do i withdraw?

Payment will be directly deposited into your local bank account. Once your earnings reach the minimum threshold of ₦4000, you can request a withdrawal.

4. Why did my funds get deducted??

At the point of withdrawal, deductions are made to serve as a warning for invalid/incomplete tasks performed

5. Why am i not getting social tasks to perform?

We recommend you stay active and sign on to the app as often as you can, so that you can carry out available task real fast before someone else does

6. How can i verify my social media account?

We recquire a profile picture, Minimum of 5 posts, Any page you submit must be owned by you and must represent a living being,  Paste your activation code as a comment on the most recent post of the social media account you wish to add, pending verification by our Staff

Creating Social Campaign

We can assist you in achieving growth by establishing a robust online presence, positioning your brand effectively, and increasing visibility through our systematic approach of connecting you with freelancers who can perform tasks, surveys, and polls in a timely manner.

1. What are social tasks?

These are social media activities in which you can request a category of freelancers to enhance your engagement, visibility, and reach. Sometimes, you might want to conduct surveys and research with ease. You can easily select the quantity of freelancers you want to work with, and we will monitor and ensure the desired results are achieved.

2. How will i create the task?

Select the ‘Tasks’ tab on the app, click on ‘My Order,’ then create a campaign. Fill in the information for the task you want, including selecting the category, describing what you’d like the freelancers to do, providing a link to the post, and specifying how many freelancers you need. Voila! Place your order.

3. How will i pay the freelancers?

Simply fund your wallet dashboard through the virtual account created for you. The cost for the task created will be deducted from your account and shared among the freelancers.

4. Can i monitor the progress of my tasks?

Simply fund your wallet dashboard through the virtual account created for you. The cost for the task created will be deducted from your account and shared among the freelancers.

5. What should i do if my task is not completed?

Our goal is to ensure the successful completion of all tasks. However, if your task is not completed, please don’t hesitate to contact our in-app live chat support.

Easy Bill Payment

Experience the convenience of making payments for your electricity units, cable TV, affordable data bundles, and airtime.

1. How can i pay for utility on Yangaplug?

Navigate to your dashboard and select ‘Pay Bills.’ There, you can choose the service you’d like to buy or renew. Ensure your dashboard is funded, then proceed to provide the necessary information and complete your payment. We deliver instantly.

2. What happens if i make payment to the wrong biller or service provider?

Please reach out to our customer support team with a screenshot of any mistakes you may have made during the payment process.

3. Does Yangaplug generate Power unit token?

Yes, a token will be generated for the details entered. You will receive this token number in your dashboard or email.

4. How can a customer be sure there airtime or data has been effected?

The customer will receive an SMS alert from the network containing the details of the transaction. In the unlikely event of network or technical delays, the customer will receive a notification from us via email.

5. Can i cancel a bill payment?

No, you can’t. All payment transactions are processed instantly.

Virtual Dollar Card

Pay for monthly subscriptions to services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Netflix, as well as shop at your preferred retailers such as ASOS, Amazon, and many more.

1. How does Yangaplug virtual card work?

Setting up a card on Yangaplug is a straightforward process. Just select the type of card you want (Visa or Mastercard), complete the KYC verification, and pay the issuance fee. These cards are globally accepted, enabling transactions worldwide.

2. Is there a spending limit on my card?

The spending limit for each Visa card is $10,000 per month.

3. How many virtual cards can i create?

At the moment, you can create a maximum of 5 cards.

4. How do i fund my Virtual dollar card?

Select ‘Fund Card,’ then use the naira in your wallet dashboard to exchange for dollars. Please note that the dollar rate may vary depending on the market.

5. How can withdraw the fund in my Virtual dollar card?

Select ‘Withdraw,’ enter your preferred amount, and your Yanga USD card balance will be debited while your naira wallet will be credited. Please note that there will be a charge for withdrawing in naira.

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